Monday, August 10, 2015

Something about Bandwagons

Did you think I had forgotten about you?   Well, I have not!  I’m not quite so easy to get rid of!

The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy.  JT and I were on vacation under the Texas sun for six days, and since getting back we have both been swamped with work (him) and madly confirming wedding details (me).  In addition, it is really very hot here, and I really hate to run in 95 degree heat with 100% humidity.

We have been able to fit a couple of short runs in here and there, including two very hilly ones in Texas, but it really hasn’t been anything to write home about.  Thus, my excuse for not writing.  JT’s Workout Plan has been paused for all intents and purposes such that he and I are running just enough to maintain our current level, but not enough to actually improve any. 

I am still planning on running tonight.  There was a nice downpour this afternoon, so I’m hoping temperature has dropped a bit even if the humidity has risen a little.  There were at least 10 people out running this morning along my drive to work, and despite the fact that the air was nearly so heavy that I could chew it, I found myself a little envious of them.  I’m nice and hydrated, so here’s hoping that tonight’s run is a good one!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Off and On Again

Last week, I had a pretty big set-back in the running program.  After completing Monday’s 2-mile run in a pretty decent time, I felt a bit of a twinge in the back of my right calf just above the ankle.  It was more bothersome than painful; so, Tuesday I set out for another 2 miles thinking it would loosen up once I got going.

It did not loosen up.

I made it about 8/10 of a mile before it hurt so much I had to walk.  In the past when my legs have felt very tight, walking has helped loosen them up such that I could later start running again.  That didn’t work this time.  I ended up limping over a mile back to the house.  I was passed on the trail by a senior citizen power-walking.  Needless to say my self esteem took a mighty blow.

Run 2 miles at 10:30 minute pace à ended up being 1 mile

When I got home, JT had me RICE it – that is to say I put an ice bag on my leg and elevated the whole thing on several pillows while I layed on the couch sipping my gatorade.  It felt a little better, but I was still limping for the rest of the night. 

Based on the location of the pain and some Google searching, it appears that I inflamed one of the tendons that connects my foot to my calf.  My calf muscles felt fine and nothing felt broken, but my heal had a sharp pain driving through it when I moved my ankle. 

It took a couple of days for the pain to decrease to an ache and a couple more days before I couldn’t feel it anymore.  Unfortunately, by the time I was ready to hit the pavement again it had been nearly a week. 

W4:D3 – W4:D6
Rest – injury (not advised if you’re trying to follow the plan)

As such, on Sunday JT told me that I would essentially be starting back at square 1.  I ran one mile.  I did it in 10:15, but I struggled every step of the way.  It seems that one week was just long enough for my lungs to forget how to sustain cardio.  This is all extremely disappointing.  I hope it doesn’t take as long to get back to 2 miles as it had the first time.  I really felt like I had been making some progress. 

Run 1 mile at 10:30 minute pace

I’ll run again tonight, probably another 1-miler though maybe 1.5 miles.  Tomorrow JT and I are going on vacation.  The plan is to run while we’re away, but that could be easier said that done while we’re around town site-seeing.  

Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 3 Review

I’m officially 9 weeks away from my wedding, and my free time has been disappearing quickly.  In addition, summer, which had been approaching timidly, has arrived with a vengeance, and the mercury has been peaking over 90F with high humidity to boot.  For these reasons, my running progress has been less than ideal over the last several days, as have been my blog updates. 



Run 2 miles at 11:00 minute pace – no drills

Run 2 miles at 11:00 minute pace – no drills

On D2 and D3 of this week I had had fantastic success and completed a 2 mile run, non-stop, on both days.  Unfortunately, a combination of busy schedule and laziness took me over on Thursday and Friday, leaving no choice but to run in the blistering heat over the weekend.  My times were abysmal – 28:00 and 24:40 minutes respectively for Saturday and Sunday.  Needless to say, there were a couple of breaks for walking. 

I’m not proud of this, particularly after completing the same runs only days before in 21:36 and 21:15 minutes.  I’m trying not to get discouraged, but it really just feels like I’m making excuses for my poor performance which is both discouraging and embarrassing. 

It was hot, I was tired, I had skipped breakfast, I wanted a shower.  This is very whiny and very poor attitude.  I don’t want to be whiny girl.  I want to be runner girl.  I just need to remember that next time I feel like walking a distance I know I can run. I have it firmly in my head that I can run a mile, so I finish that distance pretty consistently.  Now I just need to get used to the idea that I can run two miles.  

Today I ran 2 miles non-stop again.  My calves were burning by the time I got back, but my lungs were feeling pretty good, which was a nice change.  I guess I'm officially a 2-mile runner. 

Run 2 miles at 11:00 minute pace – no drills  bike 2 miles for a cool-down

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Good Run

We were comfortably into Week 3 of JT’s Workout Plan, and I was already getting discouraged.  Dressed up in my shorts and shoes before yesterday’s run, I told JT that I was feeling discouraged with my progress thus far.  While I had been able to do the first few runs, the last several had gone very poorly, particularly the two attempts at a 2-mile distance both of which involved a lot of walking.  I feel like I should be able to run farther, if not faster, than I have been so far.

Run 2 mi at 10:30 minute pace – no drills

Yesterday, I had a break-through!  A storm-front started to roll through our neighborhood, blotching out the sun and bringing with it a strong breeze, significantly dropping what had been a sweltering, high temperature.  Though I set out a little discouraged, the weather felt great, and I was able to complete two whole miles without stopping once!  Huzzah!

I hadn’t completed a full, non-stop two miles for over a year until this run.  Two miles isn’t a personal best, but it still feels like a milestone.  Next up – 2.5 miles, then 3.1!  Then I can worry about picking up the pace.

You know what I like best about running (relatively) fast?  You can cover the same distance in much less time, effectively giving yourself more free time to do other things.  

In practice, on Monday it took me just under 25 minutes to run 2 miles.  Yesterday I ran the same distance in 21:36, effectively gaining 3 1/2 minutes back.  I realize that 3 1/2 minutes is not very long, but it’s enough time to stretch or clean the catbox or something.  Or I suppose I could use that time to run more.    

JT uses his spare minutes to catch up on work emails while he waits for me to finish.  He’ll wait a good 5 or 7 minutes to start after I leave so that I’m not finishing too long behind him.  This strategy has the added benefit of crossing his outgoing route with my return route so we can high-five as we pass.  It made for a pleasant pick-me-up yesterday on the home stretch, that and the surprise ass-grab as he passed me on the last half mile back to the house.  There was nothing I could do but watch him run away ahead of me and try to keep up.