Monday, July 27, 2015

Off and On Again

Last week, I had a pretty big set-back in the running program.  After completing Monday’s 2-mile run in a pretty decent time, I felt a bit of a twinge in the back of my right calf just above the ankle.  It was more bothersome than painful; so, Tuesday I set out for another 2 miles thinking it would loosen up once I got going.

It did not loosen up.

I made it about 8/10 of a mile before it hurt so much I had to walk.  In the past when my legs have felt very tight, walking has helped loosen them up such that I could later start running again.  That didn’t work this time.  I ended up limping over a mile back to the house.  I was passed on the trail by a senior citizen power-walking.  Needless to say my self esteem took a mighty blow.

Run 2 miles at 10:30 minute pace à ended up being 1 mile

When I got home, JT had me RICE it – that is to say I put an ice bag on my leg and elevated the whole thing on several pillows while I layed on the couch sipping my gatorade.  It felt a little better, but I was still limping for the rest of the night. 

Based on the location of the pain and some Google searching, it appears that I inflamed one of the tendons that connects my foot to my calf.  My calf muscles felt fine and nothing felt broken, but my heal had a sharp pain driving through it when I moved my ankle. 

It took a couple of days for the pain to decrease to an ache and a couple more days before I couldn’t feel it anymore.  Unfortunately, by the time I was ready to hit the pavement again it had been nearly a week. 

W4:D3 – W4:D6
Rest – injury (not advised if you’re trying to follow the plan)

As such, on Sunday JT told me that I would essentially be starting back at square 1.  I ran one mile.  I did it in 10:15, but I struggled every step of the way.  It seems that one week was just long enough for my lungs to forget how to sustain cardio.  This is all extremely disappointing.  I hope it doesn’t take as long to get back to 2 miles as it had the first time.  I really felt like I had been making some progress. 

Run 1 mile at 10:30 minute pace

I’ll run again tonight, probably another 1-miler though maybe 1.5 miles.  Tomorrow JT and I are going on vacation.  The plan is to run while we’re away, but that could be easier said that done while we’re around town site-seeing.  

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