Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 3 Review

I’m officially 9 weeks away from my wedding, and my free time has been disappearing quickly.  In addition, summer, which had been approaching timidly, has arrived with a vengeance, and the mercury has been peaking over 90F with high humidity to boot.  For these reasons, my running progress has been less than ideal over the last several days, as have been my blog updates. 



Run 2 miles at 11:00 minute pace – no drills

Run 2 miles at 11:00 minute pace – no drills

On D2 and D3 of this week I had had fantastic success and completed a 2 mile run, non-stop, on both days.  Unfortunately, a combination of busy schedule and laziness took me over on Thursday and Friday, leaving no choice but to run in the blistering heat over the weekend.  My times were abysmal – 28:00 and 24:40 minutes respectively for Saturday and Sunday.  Needless to say, there were a couple of breaks for walking. 

I’m not proud of this, particularly after completing the same runs only days before in 21:36 and 21:15 minutes.  I’m trying not to get discouraged, but it really just feels like I’m making excuses for my poor performance which is both discouraging and embarrassing. 

It was hot, I was tired, I had skipped breakfast, I wanted a shower.  This is very whiny and very poor attitude.  I don’t want to be whiny girl.  I want to be runner girl.  I just need to remember that next time I feel like walking a distance I know I can run. I have it firmly in my head that I can run a mile, so I finish that distance pretty consistently.  Now I just need to get used to the idea that I can run two miles.  

Today I ran 2 miles non-stop again.  My calves were burning by the time I got back, but my lungs were feeling pretty good, which was a nice change.  I guess I'm officially a 2-mile runner. 

Run 2 miles at 11:00 minute pace – no drills  bike 2 miles for a cool-down

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