Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Friday

It seems the touch football game on Wednesday didn’t make for much of a “rest” day.  Despite the gloomy, wet weather, we had 11 very active players running back and forth for well over an hour.  JT and I both spent Thursday in varying degrees of sore, sleepy, and ravinously hungry.  Oh well; at least it was a good workout and a lot of fun running around with some nice work friends.

Yesterday, neither of us were in any particular mood to run, so we substituted a bike ride for the trip to the track.  There’s a nice bike path that runs due North from our neighborhood and conviently passes several restuarants, including a Chipotle, after right at 6 miles.  We rode up, had a nice dinner, and rode home, taking a scenic detour through a park along the way. 

Bike 13 miles at a comfortably hard pace – no drills

I realize that biking is not running.  But it does work several important leg muscles (I particularly feel it in my quads), so I fee like there is reasonable evidence that biking should make me a better/stronger/faster runner.  Probably. 

The plan for today’s workout, and potentially the rest of the weekend, is to head back to the track for another round of intervals.  I felt pretty good after my first set of intervals (W2:D2), and I am hopeful that my legs and lungs will continue to feel good after another few rounds.  

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